Well – we spent Halloween with friends this year!  First year we’ve ever not trick-or-treated in our own neighborhood.  Let me tell ya – it’s a LOT more fun when you go with friends.

I “forced” my eldest to go out for once with HER friends – that’s how much of a shy introvert she is. (sometimes I worry) But last night I finally said to the 10th “I’m not sure if I want to go ” and the 100th  – “I don’t want to trick or treat” – Just GO with your friends. I don’t care if you don’t get candy or dress up or go door to door – just go have fun with your friends!  And you know what? She did,  and she dressed up (Frenchman) and she had a great time!  And she came back with loads of candy.  So totally it was worth me being a mean mommy and not letting her stay at home bummed on Halloween.

This was J’s finished dress. She wore it with stripy black and purple socks, a witch’s hat and a cape made for Renaissance years ago.  And she carried a black cat “bucket”. Totally perfect.  I swear though – put a black dress on and automatically you’re a Witch.

Complete outfit!

R on our horse Jonah for the Avalon Halloween/Anniversary party.  They were French painters.  If you look closely you can actually see the black mustache that R painted on him.

J made Jasmine, the pony of Avalon, a Dalmatian. Complete with collar and name tag. J of course was the fire woman. Won 2nd place in the costume contest she did.

Sorry this picture is fuzzy!  This is J during dance. It was “watch week” and Halloween week – so she got to wear her costume to dance. You can somewhat see the apron I made to go along with the costume and she’s wearing a knitted snood.

Out of the rest of the black fabric I bought for J’s dress, I made a table runner for Halloween.

What else – Oh yes – candy haul..

Each girlie of mine put their candy in a bag. Labeled it, put various warnings on it and put it in the candy box.  I put my foot down at them keeping it in their rooms. Because I some don’t believe the – I promise I won’t eat ANY with out permission statements before slinking off to hide it in closets!

Now we do have a fairy that lives in our yard that just LOVES all that hard, sugary, red #40 candy that mean momma just won’t let them gorge on – so after a day or so of getting to enjoy their haul – the rest (minus the chocolate) goes out to the fairy.

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

Bright Blessings!