But not for me. I’ve been working on J’s dress, from the vintage 1950’s?? pattern I found in a vintage shoppe.

What a pain – but oh so cute!

Here’s the pattern – I made the middle one ūüôā¬† Although they all use the exact same pieces. The only difference is the way they do the collar.¬† This pattern came in one size – 8. Perfect for my munchkin¬† – Seam allowance was 3/4 inch which I never do so it’s probably going to end up a bit big.

Pattern pieces all laid out.

Pieces all cut out and ready to go!



Front + back with the yoke. The yoke wasn’t lined or anything. You’re just supposed to turn and topstitch –¬† It ended up looking beautiful!¬† But if I make this dress again I’ll certainly line it or something.¬† It will make the yoke sturdier. I had to reinforce the back where I put the elastic for the buttons, so lining it would certainly help.

Sleeves in!¬† Well one sleeve anyway!¬† I made the¬† 3/4 sleeves rather than short and I just didn’t like the long style.

Pinning the waistband to the top.

Top complete!  The left side as you look at the picture, I left open for the zipper. I hate zippers!  I have the hardest time putting them in garments.

Here I was trying to pin the zipper. The top and skirt are sewn together (sorry!¬† no pictures of that).¬† It didn’t help that the zipper was too short. I’d left the opening way to big for this zipper. Luckily we had to make a dash to JoAnn’s Fabrics anyway for halloween supplies. I just picked up a longer, black zipper – although J was happy with the red one.

Black zipper pinned in!¬† Finally. Took me at least 20 minutes to get this zipper positioned.¬† Zippers are NOT my favorite. I’d much prefer to put buttons in but the dress was not adjusted for those and I didn’t have a lot of time¬† to play around with the pattern.¬† I did remember the glue trick – where you use the glue stick to hold the¬† zipper in place until you sew it in.¬† I pinned my also since I had to carry the dress to the basement where my sewing area is.

Final pictures later on!¬† J’s actually planning on wearing this dress for Halloween as a Witch. I also threw together an apron for her to wear¬† – and along with some purple stripy socks and the Witch hat, she’s all ready to go!

Bright Blessings!