Friday we went pumpkin picking.  We go to an actual pumpkin patch where you can walk out into the field and pick pumpkins off the ground..  They’d all been cut from the vine but they’re really hard to pull off the vine so it’s a good thing they’re pre-cut..

R scoping out her pumpkin. She found hers right away! Then was done and helped her sister find the perfect pumpkin.

J looking. She had 4 different pumpkins in the wagon before she settled on the perfect pumpkin!

J’s perfect pumpkin!

Our pumpkin haul – one for each of  the members of our family. I did draw the line at buying pumpkins for each of the dogs AND the horse 🙂  That big one – that’s R’s .  Last year dad had the biggest, mine was next, then R’s then J’s .  The girls insisted on it – funny girls.

Cute little baby pig at the farm.  It’s not really a farm though – they have some chickens, rabbits and this cutie. And pumpkins. And of course they’ve commercialized with a HUGE play ground for the kids to play on.

And later in the week – I tackle this pattern!  I may or may not be sane when I’m finished!

Bright Blessings!