Over the weekend while the girls were away playing and hubbie was away playing, I played too.  I hit a couple of thrift stores around town and a few on the way to our friends house as I was dropping off my girls.

I found….

A tablecloth. I absolutely LOVE vintage table clothes. I have several.  In fact, they’re the only ones I use except for a few I bought new years ago.

Here it is on my table. It’s not ironed – sorry 🙂

I found these cute little “snack” plates with a spot for the tea mug.  The girls immediately started using these..  They are just the right size for cookies and milk, or a sandwich and tea..  I bought all four at $2.50 each set. Just in case J has some friends over and they have each want to have their own plate to use.

A thread box!

That came with thread!!  Right now all my thread is on a knick knack shelf that’s just sitting on my sewing table. The spools are constantly getting knocked off and jumbled. Maybe this will help me keep them in order. Fun isn’t it?

I also found some Halloween decorations – nesting containers –  and finally I found a trunk/foot locker for my daughter’s tack at the barn!

Today is Wednesday so we’re off to the barn!  Enjoy!

Bright Blessings..