So my weekend was lovely!  My girls were at a friends house for the weekend and my husband was also out of town – I had the whole weekend and HOUSE to myself.  What did I do you ask? Well – I did not do housework! Well maybe I vacuumed the carpet since we have 2 dogs and I couldn’t SEE the carpet.  And maybe I folded the laundry that had been on the loveseat for days! But other than that I did nothing (well maybe cleaned the sink and loaded the dishwasher!)  – but honestly, nothing like my usual load of house hold chores that I do daily..  I figured – the rest of my family is out having fun so why should I stay home and do house work?

I hit some thrift stores, some antique-y stores and I did nothing!  I had sushi for dinner, bought breakfast and watched movies. I enjoyed wine with my dinner and read my book. I found the Halloween box and put up some decorations.  I did wash fabric, I had planned on starting J’s vintage dress but for the life of me I cannot find the pattern now!  I seriously think we have a ghost that moves things. And I felted some sweaters in the washing machine. Unfortunately I didn’t realize until after I’d dried them that they were not 100% wool. Oh well – they should still work .

(Hopefully I’ll find the pattern soon – I really cannot wait to get started on it.)

Anyway – I finally got Owlivia stuffed!

I just used the stuffing I had on hand.

Ears are stuffed.

Stuffed!  Now all I have to do is stitch the bottom, package her up and send her on her way! I may or may not have to go buy ink for the printer first…….

I’ll post pictures of my thrift store finds tomorrow – should I start a Thrifty finds Tuesday?

Bright Blessings!