So I found my camera – I had left it at Avalon – Of course, along with my books, sweatshirt and R’s shoes.  We kind of rushed out of there without checking for things several times.  J was not feeling well and gradually feeling yucky-er by the minute – so we left in a hurry to come home. Nothing big – just a cold – you know how you feel OKAY in the morning and then you’re dragging by dinner time?  Well – that was J.  Felt good enough in the morning  to go to the barn, wanted to have her riding  lesson, but by 5:30 – she was done!  Came home and  relaxed on the couch.

Yesterday we had a lazy day at home – R caught up with her school work. We’d been waiting for the science book we needed to arrive at the library. J did some school work – science – but I didn’t push the rest. She needed a down day.  So instead we made Play-doh!

We used a recipe I found on Instructables.  We definitely did not cook it long enough! and it came out sticky, sticky, sticky!

Cooking the doh.

Letting it cool and adding the blue food coloring. Really – that’s all we had and I only buy it for crafts.

Blue doh – Yes that is a winter table cloth!  It’s now our craft table cloth since it has several holes in it.  Covers my table and keeps it nice-ish..

Practicing Cuneiform and Hieroglyphs.

And J beating the rug.  We have a rug beater which she used. Totally fun to watch!

Today we’re having school –  I think we’re skipping dance this evening since J is still feeling punky – poor girl. She gets colds quicker than the rest of us it seems – I attribute it to her being such a micro preemie when she was born. 13 weeks early.   Maybe I’ll go to the fabric/craft store – I want to get clay to make “real” cuneiform tablets and some fabric to make J a dress.  I’ll show you the pattern next week!  It’s a vintage girls dress – I found it at an antique/thrift shop here  locally.  I can’t wait to get sewing!~

More on the owl next week!

Bright Blessings –