So sorry I’ve not been doing a very good job keeping up here!!  My hubbie started his new job, we went to R’s “first” horse show on her very own horse. We went to our first mounted (meaning on horseback) Pony Club meeting.  And I ended up getting ill there for a day in the midst of all that.  I think it was a slight case of food poisoning after eating smoked salmon. Neither of the girls have gotten sick at all and I was the only one who ate the salmon – oh well.

I’ve not been able to squeeze in time for finishing up  my owl doll for the Toy Society and I have one other project I’m working for for a local reenactment group we’re members of ..oh..  Goodness!!  So guess what I’ll be doing these next 3 evenings while my hubbie is  out of town!  And I also want to make J a new dress and we have to come up with costumes for horses!  Yes – horses. Each year Avalon Horse Farm does a Anniversary/Halloween party and there’s a parade of horses in costume.  Last year J won 1st place for being Amelia Earhart and the pony was an airplane 🙂  and R was a zookeeper and her pony was a giraffe.  Really, really hard to paint giraffe markings on a pony!

Here are some pictures of  horse activities – sorry it’s all I have!

Jonah looking out from the trailer window.

R looked awesome!  She’s a talented rider – but nervous on Jonah.  She didn’t place (get a ribbon) since she was off  the first class and she actually fell off!! during her jumping class. It didn’t help that her aunt, who taught her how to ride, was there for moral support (yes that’s a good thing)  – but her moral support was all of – Just be glad you’re not the only one who fell off!  This was after the first equitation class before the jumping class. I know – it’s all so confusing and I’m really just learning as I go along. Anyway  – I really think the comment didn’t help her nerves and then she went into the jumping class telling hersefl “just don’t fall off”  – you know how your brain works.. Tell it something NOT to do and usually that’s all you  can think about.

Well – R was okay, her pride bruised more than anything and she got right back on a jumped Jonah in the practice arena with no problem!  But now she’s nervous on Jonah which is not a good thing. Oh well. Practice, practice, practice.

R on Jonah.

Hopefully I’ll get to work on my little owl tonight!

Bright Blessings!