So last week we decided to try zen-tangling.  If you haven’t tried it  – you should!  It’s fun, calming and really enjoyable.  Both of my girls really got involved in doing it and J carried around a notebook and marker all weekend.

I had heard about it from someone – don’t remember who – online or something. There are, of course, kits you can buy , but I just went ahead and made my own.   First I googled it to find out exactly what it was. And really   – it’s doodling in a fun way.   Then I searched you tube for videos.  Loved those!  Great to see how others zentangle…   I cut 4 inch squares and some rectangles. You divide the paper with wavy lines – and then with in each wavy space made by those lines  you  – well – you doodle. Dots, wavy lines, squares, circles, spirals etc.. what ever you want. But each little space is a different doodle.  We didn’t have fancy pens – we just used markers. And it worked for us.

J’s zentangle – not really zen-tangling,  but this is how she did it so Go Girlie!  She doodle on the whole page.

R’s colorful zentangle.  Mine is in the for front – All black with one red space.

Other than that – It rained here. Errands on Saturday while I worked my very last Saturday ever at the Library. And Sunday – Rain. Although the girls had spent the night with my mom/ their grandmother Saturday evening, and it was lovely waking up to the house all to myself for a change.

These flowers were from my going away “party” at the Library.  I’m very excited to be a stay-at-home momma full time again. And I only worked 16 hours a week. But still, it will be different. I’m going to enjoy every minute of stay at home again!
Bright Blessings