Every  Monday and Wednesday we go to Avalon Horse Farm in Millstadt Illinois to play.  We clean stalls, we – well R and J – get to ride.  R rides her horse Jonah or the pony Lucky. J rides whoever is available at the barn.

Today though  – is somewhat bitter sweet. Our first pony Lucky – is going to a new home. We’ve had him for 3 years and R has learned so much from him. From completely reworking him from the ground up because of  “burn out”. To just learning how to deal with “pony attitude” –  stubbornness and sometimes unwillingness to do what was asked.  We decide to re-home him because R really would like to learn English riding ,  jumping, Dressage etc.. and Lucky – well, he was just not the one. He is, and always will be a trail pony at heart. I didn’t want to fight him and if we continued pushing him in that direction, we really we would  just make him unhappy.

Unhappy ponies make unhappy owners who have “bad” ponies.  We are not keeping him simply because we can’t give him the time and attention he needs.  And honestly, paying for 2 horses is …  well.. I work a lot.

We found a good home for him – upon recommendation from another boarder at Avalon – and today he goes.  He’ll be worked, loved and given lots of attention.  Something we have not been able to do in the past couple of months.  We’ll miss him greatly, but also realize that what we’re doing – we’re doing for Lucky.

Bye cutie.

Bright Blessings.