So I’ve been busy here working on a couple of different projects. AND we started school last week – which has been keeping us busy, busy 🙂

I’ve been busy bringing Olivia to life…

Here she is all pinned together – and I’ve hand stitched the wings on.

Here she is – eyes on, buttons on, beak on and I’ve started sewing her front and back together!  I should be done in a day or so. Then I can stuff her and plan my toy drop!

Other things we’ve been doing this week –

School work – here she’s copying a poem called “The Caterpillar” – – narration and copy work are part of her home school lessons.

Working on ribbons for this group:

Which I’m actually a member of but have not been able to do anything with for the past year due to work.  Maybe that will be able to change now that I’ll be home again!

Last but not least – I found a really cool blender at our local thrift store – It has a glass! blender jar!

Please, please, please, please  – ignore the mess in the background!  I was in a rush 🙂

School and park days with our homeschooling group today!

Bright Blessings.