A week or so ago I went to one of our local craft stores and bought several different size canvases. Nothing fancy. I just wanted some homemade art work to fancy up our very plain mantle.

So last week – the girls went to work.

The beginning of R’s painting.

J was going to make a painting of swirls and dots. But decided she did not like how her picture was ending up.

So J decided to squirt a lot of paint on her canvas and have at it finger painting.

R worked very hard to get the orange – yellow color of the hay bales JUST right.  And there’s the harvest moon up in the corner.

R’s almost complete painting.  Three bales of hay in the moonlight during the harvest moon.

J’s ended up smearing and finger painting away and put a smiley face of buttons on it.  I”ll take pictures when it’s completely dry and both pictures are on my mantle.

Bright Blessings!