Well – what was yesterday – Tuesday.

I got my hair cut!  My first every curly hair cut. I absolutely love it.

We wrote letters to friends who’ve moved about 2 hours away   – Just far enough that the girls don’t get to see them very often.

And earlier in the week I received our package from  http://www.stubbypencilstudio.com/.

We received a new scissor – which is only to be used for school work and NOT to be taken from the  kitchen where we “do” school. Last year we had 4 or 5 scissors – Now they’ve gone missing I have no idea where they went.  I thought I saw one outside last week though.  So, these are school only scissors.  I bought new markers and colored pencils.

The tablets are spelling tablets. Just enough paper for a spelling “test” so we’re not using copious amounts of paper to write lists of words.  We don’t really do tests so I’m using the lists just to cement the spelling in little brains!   I usually don’t incorporate a spelling curriculum into our school year, but my eldest is not a very strong speller and I thought a 13 we should start.

The little coupon booklet is for my 8 year old who is learning how to read, but she’s going about it at her own pace.   This is just to provide incentive for reading on her own.  She much prefers to have books read to her and listen to books on cd. Which we will NOT stop doing – ever. But there comes a time when reading on your own  becomes more necessary.  Don’t worry, I’m not pushing the issue, I’m letting her develop at her own pace.   Anyway,  each coupon is for one book read, or one article read and on the back they get rewards so …. a new flashlight for later night reading,  one extra chapter read out loud by momma, personalized name plates for her books etc…   I’m hoping it will just boost interest in independent reading.

Today we’re off to Avalon Horse Farm!

Bright Blessings…