Well – now that camps are over I hope to get back into the swing of things and sew, bake , craft and start school.

These past weeks were spent relaxing. A much needed break.  We did a lot of nothing. We went to 6 Flags.  Advanced Camp for R.  And nothing.  Did I say that already?  We really needed it!  School for us will start the first week in September. We’ve ordered our supplies, science, spelling, math etc.. and bought our notebooks.   I can’t wait 🙂  I think I’m more excited than the girls!  Our goal for J this year is reading.  She’s having a slightly harder time picking it up than R. did.  I really contribute that to her premature birth.  But we’re working with it and not making a huge deal of it. I know that it will come in time.  We’re using a mixture of Phonics Pathways – worksheets, because J likes them, and just reading from easy readers.  Slowly but surely I see things connect in her head.

Last week J wanted to do an “experiment” – with flour, water and food coloring.  Go for it I said.  I try to keep a bag of “cheepie” flour around for making play doh and mixing..  I keep the better, unbleached flour for baking.


After she mixed and mixed, J spread it out on a piece of foil and stuck it in the sun..  I’m not quite sure what happened to it after that but later that night I found it in her trash can in her bedroom – yuck!  But it’s all about the activity – is it not?  She had a blast mixing and adding food coloring (which I keep on had for crafts, I never put it in my food).

Looks like someone used my camera to take pictures of their Play Mobile set up ..

I’m usually an anti-plastic person. We got rid of all the plastic play food and large noisy toys when the girls were younger.  We have wooden barns and castles, kitchen sets and food.  But play mobile I couldn’t say NO to.. they’re just too open ended.  So many ways to play and the imagination they use when they play with them. Hard to say no to that.
And last …………


R on Jonah during the last day of Advanced Camp “show”.. She learned how to jump this week.  Two feet!  Way to keep her momma on her toes!


Bright blessings – Have a great day!