So last week I tried the project where you melt plastic bags together with an iron ….  Yeah.   I messed up somewhere.

plastic bags on my ironing board

Covered in parchment paper

Half way through

What you can’t see, is that on the other side the plastic is gaping and not really fusing together..


So – I don’t know if you can see here – but the fused plastic bags look and feel more like hard plastic.  Nothing that can be folded or sewn in any way shape or form.  Methinks I messed up somewhere.  Maybe my iron was too hot?   I really have no idea.  I will try it again soon, but I had to restock my supply of plastic bags since I take them up to the recycle bins when I have enough…

I sent this poor, pathetic thingy outside with my 7 year old.  She put it to good use with her mud pies 🙂

Bright Blessings