Well – It seems I’m so far behind with this project it’s not even funny!  And my first ever sew along even.

I’ve finally just finished cutting out my pieces for the dress so hopefully next week I can sit and start to sew them together.  I’ve decided to jump in with both feet (the way I do everything) and NOT make a muslin first (GASP) – But with time running short I’m skipping a head.  I’m making a size 10 – which is the size I seem to fit most. And since I used this pattern :


several months ago in a size 10, I thought it would be safe to just got with the same size.  Will I regret it?  We’ll see.

tracing out the pattern

tracing pattern

Here's the pattern - all laid out on my material. I'm using the floor!

Pieces all cut out.

Scraps! Now what to do with these?? Maybe some cute birds?

Keep your fingers crossed that I can eek out time next week to put this together!


Bright Blessings