Well, here we are, two weeks after our trip to the City Museum – and we have more snow.  We’ve had more snow this year than I can remember having – ever.  But, I refuse to talk about the cold, ice and snow and the fact that now we’ve been at home for 3 days with no end in site – there’s more snow talk in the future.

Our trip to the City Museum was awesome! And I’m forever glad we got to go with our homeschooling group. It made  trip fun and affordable!

Picture of J on a huge turtle

Enormous Lizard?

We had a blast and spend hours! at the museum playing.  There is a 10 story slide somewhere in the building that I did not go search for – but the kids did.  There is a circus that performs in our City Museum – many of the kids in it are homeschoolers and it is run by a homeschooling mom.  Fantastic performance!  There is an are area, and tunnels upon tunnels to climb in, through, on and over.  If you are ever in St. Louis then go!


On another note – I received my pattern for the sew-a-long a couple of weeks ago – and finally found material that I like enough to use  —- I’m so used to buying material for others and my girls that when faced with the daunting task of shopping for MYSELF, I found it almost impossible to choose and decide.  Finally, with time running out and needing to be someplace after our fabric store stop – I chose this :

Which of course, as soon as I got it home, had second thoughts about.  But you know what?  I have it, I like it, darn it, I’m going to use it!

Now I have to trace the pattern, since I’m behind in the sew-a- long – but I have no tracing paper.  So that means a trip out in this snow and ice – oh well…  Then I’ll get sewing!

Be safe – it sounds like much of the U.S. is covered – Spring will come!

Bright Blessings