And we have snow.

View from my front door looking at my drive.  It’s right there next to the lamp post.

See our sad tree?

Being house bound for the day – which ended up being very good for us since our week was going non-stop again – we made goat cheese.   We had never made it before, but someone had given us a pint or so of raw goats milk, which no one was really eating, so we decided to give it a try.  My eldest did it all her self and I just stood over her shoulders taking pictures – you know how that is 🙂

heating the milk to 180*

Adding the acid - apple cider vinegar

straining the whey.

finished product! She is so proud!

Other than it needing a bit a salt  – It was awesome cheese!  I see more cheese making in our home.

Off to “not back to school day” at our local City Museum!

Bright Blessings 🙂

Just realized that this photo was turned!!  I can’t figure out how to fix it  – I’m working on it!