So…. we’ve been keeping busy here at our little house.. Doing projects, school and of course doing nothing. You know how busy you can get doing nothing:)

I only have several goals for this year so far.   Do yoga. I love doing yoga, but for some reason I ALWAYS talk myself out of doing any type of yoga – why?  Who knows..  So #1 on my agenda is that.  Have I done anything with this? Nope.  But I will!  By the end of January I will be doing yoga at home at least 3 times a week – working up from there. Now I’ve put it in writing – keep pestering me please!

#2 – sew more things, start and etsy shoppe that’s actually profitable. I have one but I’ve only sold one item.. So, find my niche – get started.  I have 2 girls and I love vintage clothing and patterns!  So – I’m combining the two.. More as I progress.

#3 participate in the online things I’ve signed up for – Toy Society for one.. Last night I pulled out a pattern book to pick the exact toy I’m going to sew and leave for someone.

#4 Learn how to knit and crochet.

Some pictures of goings ons in December.

Baking cookies

Painting Sumi-e. Our Winter Solstice gift.

Winter Solstice cake. Welcoming back the sun! Longer days and shorter nights.

J's steampunk skirt. Can you see the bustle?

Some of R's things. I made the bag and my SIL gave her the blanket.

thrifted typewriter. That they've been FIGHTING over! Too Funny!

Making belated christmas presents. R had to change her plans since the original idea fell through when we received the wrong order.

Anyone know where I can buy more typewriter ribbon?  Cheap?  I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for more ribbon..

We’re off to spend the day in the cold – cleaning stalls at our barn!  Send warm vibes!

Bright Blessings and have a great day!