Some things that have been going on in our constantly busy lives…

J's "pixie" haircut

I argued with this girlie for months about doing this with her hair!  It finally got to the point where dirty hands + growing out bangs DO NOT MIX and momma was getting tired of the icky-ness. Also the constant losing of rubber bands and barrettes because they never stayed in her hair was getting frustrating.

Woodhenge at Cahokia Mounds

Beating the carpets that I keep on the back seat of the car.

Abe Lincoln's home - Springfield Illinois

Capital - Jefferson City Missouri

New table - found at a thrift shop somewhere between St. Louis and Jeff City, lamp found at a local consignment shop and pillow I covered with that cute owl material I found locally at a fabric shop, figurine was a Yule present from my hubbie and the dish was my grandparents - it had always been filled with candy.

Bright Blessings!