Well, we had an obnoxiously busy week last week. So much didn’t get done, like crafting, while so much other stuff got done.

Mondays we always go to our barn. We’re helping to clean stalls – fun, fun!  But what was supposed to be a quick morning grew because when you’re at the barn you have to talk to everyone!  The people at our barn are fantastic – So long story short – Not so short morning at our barn. And in the evening I worked.

Steering Committee meeting and home school meeting Tuesday morning/afternoon. Steering Committee plans and organizes various parties for our group  – or delegates those to others. We make sure meeting places are arranged etc….  I also had a meeting for our Living History Time Travelers Ball.


Wednesday – back to the barn. Our normal day which helps to cover board for our pony.

Thursday dance! Yeah! J is so excited about her dance teacher and studio. A former Home-schoolee herself, she knows girls and knows homeschoolers.  Again – work in the evening.


Friday – Road trip to Springfield Il.  WE saw the Dana Thomas house.  It’s a gorgeous house – and we would have loved to spend more time there, but our tour guide kept “prompting” us to keep up. No dawdling there! And really, there were just enough of us in our group that it did take us a few minutes to move through the house.


AND THEN,  the girls were invited to a birthday/sleepover party at some friends house. In Jefferson City. We live in St. Louis MO. So off on another quick road trip to see some very good friends – After working a 1/2 day on Saturday and leaving work early.                             R and J had met the girls last year in our St. Louis Homeschool group and quickly formed a bond. And then unfortunately  we found out they had to move back to Jeff City .  Literally, everyday J talks about her friend M and wants her to come over, spend the night, etc… So I jumped at the chance to take the girls to see their friends.  I drove them and had a lovely mini mom vacation while they had a blast with their friends.  Spent the night in a hotel, ate out, read my book, wandered around the capitol for a while. It was a very nice weekend.

This week, thankfully!, is very much more NORMAL! (and we’re back to the barn since it’s monday)

Bright Blessings!