Why Covered in Roses you ask? Simple really. My middle name is Rose, my mother’s name is Rose and my Grandmother’s name was Rose.   I have very few memories of my Grandmother, she passed when I was about 1o or 11. I remember big hats, slips, and simple dresses. I remember her kitchen, her screened in back porch, and the way the three trees in their back yard were set up perfectly to allow me to create a “house” in the center of them.  I remember dashing up their steps to the second floor because there was something there that made me feel a bit goose bumpy. I also remember their basement – the cold, damp cellar basement with those far back corners I never wanted to go it.  I remember the playhouse in the back yard and bbq’s where we would play badminton and my Grandfather would grill chicken.

So Covered in Roses is a way for me to connect with that Grandmother that I have very (few) memories of.

Bright Blessings!