Last week I worked on this:

The top – this fit perfectly!  It is really cute. I found the material at an Antique mall  – the same place I found the pattern.

Making the darts in the pants. This is the first pattern that I’ve made with darts. I don’t know why I was so worried.  They are really not that hard. The pants came out HUGE. I’m not sure how the pattern was a size 7 top and bottom with the bottoms being so large!  I had to take an inch off the pattern size at least. And I did this in the most completely WRONG way.  I had already sewn and serged the sides before I tried them on J and discovered they were way too big, so I very nicely smoothed out each seam and cut 🙂 Right up the leg. It worked though – cut off the extra and the stitching all at once.

Then I added the zipper to the side – Skipped the waist band all together and made a flat waist panel.. (hard to explain – will take pictures). Still it was too big. So I added a place for a piece of elastic. So the elastic stretches across the back. Works perfect!  Now I realize I don’t have pictures for any of this  – sorry:) But after I give it a spin through the washer (since she put it on immediately) I will take pictures of the finished product.

Have a great day!