Magazine race at advanced camp for R.

I'm bound and determined to make a top from this fantastic pattern book. Now to decipher the Japanese

decoupaging containers for school supplies

New fish for R.

Reading outside on our first NORMAL day in months!

My youngest is currently outside making mud cakes and cupcakes. She’s been using a plastic bag to put the “icing” on the cakes 🙂  I guess she watches too many cooking shows.

Yesterday we spent a fantastic afternoon at a playground with many other homeschooling friends. Good for the moms and good for the kids.  My youngest finally got to meet some new old friends. We were pregnant at the same time and our girls were supposed to be weeks apart. Instead Jaia came three months early. But she’s healthy now! So no complaints. That was 7 years ago  – WOW!

Enjoy the day!