Sorry for  being MIA lately  – No excuses really. I’ve had lots of good ideas for blog posts the past couple of weeks. It’s pure laziness really. I’m new enough to the blogging world that I’m not that dedicated to posting every day. That will change now that school will start for us in the next couple of weeks.  We always wait until the schools are back in session for a bit before we start. It gives us some “quite time” around town .

Let’s see. Camp is done and R did a great job! I was less worried about R than the pony – whom we’ve had issues with in the past. But they both did great and I’m so pleased!

I traced off a Japanese pattern. Now I need to find the perfect material for the pattern.

I learned how to crochet – a square, albeit a crooked one but a square nonetheless.!  And knit! and I completed one small project – cute white wrist-lets that my youngest wants after I finish embellishing them. Actually, she just told me she wants them as is – Just like Wonder Woman!  This child of mine is too funny. I think she’s just seen pictures of WW. But I guess who better to emulate than a female superhero?

I found the cutest vintage girls pattern at a local antique mall that I plan to make for J. It’s the perfect size! Size 7.

R got a new fish. Her others died – but we bought those at  pet smart. They probably had some disease.  This cute fish we bought at a fish specialty store.

Sorry there are no pictures – My biggest has hijacked my camera to take videos and pictures of her fish.  I’ll rescue it today and post pictures of everything.

Have a great day!