I always go into each week thinking that it will be a slower – more laid back week. Then it doesn’t always happen. Each Monday and Wednesday we go to our barn to clean stalls  and do various other things.  This week we went to 6-flags. I love going to 6-flags!  It’s a ton of fun. I’m so impressed by my 7 year old – she went on every ride with us. Including several roller coasters!  Alas – no one wanted to go on the ones that had “loop-de-loops”.

We were supposed to go to a 4-H meeting but oops!  I really did forget about that one!  Today we are going to visit some friends.

I’ve picked a day to start school – September 7th. Both girls have been warned and we’ll go do some general school shopping next week or so. There’s not much we need, being homeschoolers. But it’s still fun. Folders, pencils, markers – you know – general stuffs.

Not much else going on. Maybe I’ll bake something this weekend.

Enjoy the day!