We went to the Arch Friday. Why? Because we live in St. Louis and so very rarely do the touristy things.  Sure we go to the zoo – TONS – it’s free of course!  And we go to the Science Center occasionally – once you’ve been there – you’ve done that. It’s free also except for the special exhibits. But we seldom do the other touristy things.

So, to the arch we went. . It really is an awesome structure. When you stand at the bottom looking up, it towers above you.  It’s dizzying really. You can ride to the top of the arch in a tram – which we decided not to do on Friday. It’s still summer and the lines were just too long for us to be willing to wait.  The museum of westward expansion is very interesting. It includes pioneer memorabilia as well as Native America items. .   There is a stuffed bison and a wagon and a partial sod house. The girls had a great time looking at everything.  R was in charge of taking pictures, and I must say, she did a great job.

The Arch sits on the edge of the Mississippi. A fantastic river I must say. Only really accessible right here, at the base of the arch. Where you can see the tug boats going by and take a ride on a boat.

Such history behind it -of which I must learn more about. I think living with such monuments in your state, with in minutes of your house, you tend to take things for granted.   We live so close yet don’t know the history about them.  At least I don’t.

st. louis arch

mississippi riverfront. it's flooded. ususally there is a strip of cobblestone down near the river that was parking. can't even see it now.

stuffed bison

stage coach

There’s more of course. But you’ll just have to come see for yourself.

Enjoy your day!