We rarely ever go to the tack shop. Why? Because there is so much there that my children want and so much there that I won’t buy – flyspray, treats, all those “need to have” things that you don’t really need. (I’m more of the natural mama/horse/dog owner)

The girls received the money they earned for helping with summer camp yesterday – well they were told how much and then let loose at a tack shop. This is where and when they can buy all the frivolous stuff I won’t buy 🙂

It is so much fun to watch the girls tear through the store trying to decide what to buy – there were 8 girls total – including my 2.  They checked out clothes, hats, tall boots, socks, breeches, treats, sprays, hat deodorizer – yep really.

They scoped out bits, bridles, halters, lead ropes, crops and half chaps.

You know – 3 years ago I would never have known what any of this was  – I’m so impressed with myself:)

Several hundred dollars later we ended up with:

2 halters, a lead rope, 2 new saddle pads – 1 pink and 1 a pretty sea foam green, breeches (used), tall riding boots (again used $15) – cheapest we found – the next cheapest price was $50 and they only went up from there. Which really is cheap for tall riding boots. Glad I didn’t buy them 🙂 Various brushes,  a grooming kit- which includes a cute bag filled with combs and rubber bands (which I will promptly go and re-create with nicer horse material). Also 2 crops – 1 dressage and one pink with a star on top.

We also came home with a pink purse and a toy horse – these were my 7 year old picks + the other pink stuff – there’s not much one can buy for a horse when you are 7 and don’t really have one of your own.

It was a ton of fun! and the girls had a blast. Then we went swimming and had pizza – all in all – a fantastic day for all of the girls!

J's stuff - she likes her pink...

r's stuff not including the breeches, boots or crop

R all decked out in her riding gear - "new" boots, crop and breeches!

The second picture is R’s stuff , minus the breeches (used) the boots, (used) and the crop. That’s my girlie in the last picture – all decked out and ready for camp.

Enjoy the day!