Well, we’re almost finished with our week off of camp – before we go into the last two week run. It’s been a lot of fun – sprinkled here and there with  some annoyances.   Getting up and out of the house every morning is one thing we are not used to here in our house hold.  Being homeschoolers, we’re used to having mornings at home. But, no biggie, we’ve done great!

Neither one of my girls wanted to participate in camp this year.. They were both Jr. Helpers instead.  Why go to camp when we can do all of the camp activities (minus crafts) when ever we go to the barn!  Going out to get the horses – tacking them  up – riding – cleaning stalls etc..  That is perfectly fine with me – That is free for us!  R will participate in Advanced Camp  – new this year at Avalon Horse Farm. For those girls who are more experienced riders and need more than regular camp.

I have a lot of sewing projects for after camp – not a whole lot of motivation during the weeks we spend daily at Avalon.  It’s only 5 hours a day – but it’s 5 hours a day IN THE SUN and heat. Really wipes you out. Back to the sewing – each girl would like a lunch bag – J with dragons and R with horses (in time for advanced camp – thank you very much).  A dress for J and I wish I could find a dress pattern that R likes  – but, she’s 12 and has become very particular with what she likes to wear. Oh well.

Tomorrow we are going to St. Charles, Missouri for a day of shopping and walking with my mom and sister.                     http://www.greatriverroad.com/stcharles/stcharleshome.htm                                                                          It’s a lot of fun – clothing stores, spice shoppes,  you’re typical tourist  shops.  Several “junk/antique” shops which I love to browse through.  I’m on the lookout now for certain things. “Vintage” tupperware (or old as my sister says), rolling pins, pocket watches, leather – anything I can use to make a steampunk outfit. And vintage patterns for children.

The girls are cleaning their rooms today.. I struggle back and forth weekly with having them do this. Letting each girls have their own room to want they want with (ie not clean etc..) is an idea I’ve heard lately.  As much as I like this idea of letting them be responsible for their own space – the clothes, books and toys strewn across the floor eventually get to me and the need for them to have nice,  tidy rooms finally over rules! Considering my youngest has the smallest bedroom at 10 by 10, it doesn’t take much for it to look horrible!

Sorry for the jumble of thoughts.  Pictures of St. Charles later!