Well Monday starts the two week stretch of non stop work for me.  Well – two of those days we’re volunteering for the Renaissance festival, but I still won’t be home! Horse Camp at Avalon Horse farm in Illinois starts Monday. We have 6 weeks of camps – tons of fun! Thankfully not all in a row. We’ve gotten smart and we hold 2 weeks of camp and then have a week off. Much better – this way you end up NOT feeling like a zombie and the end of the season.

Riding, crafting, and painting ponies and horses are all involved in our camp. I think the biggest and most fun is getting to paint the ponies. Something that really isn’t done any other place.

I’ll try to post some pictures of the painted ponies at least – Right now the power chord for my laptop is kaputz and we’re waiting on a replacement. So frustrating  – everything we’ve been working on – school, blog, flyers etc.. are on that lap top. It’s amazing how much we depend on these electronic …. things! that have become so permanent in our house holds.

Have a great and safe memorial day weekend!