It’s been raining off and on here for days now. Seems like years!  I’ve been so worried that my garden will get rained out, but so far it seems like it’s doing okay. We’ll see I guess. We have a raised bed garden since the only spot in our yard that gets a significant amount of sun is also the only place in the yard that has a dip and holds water.

Last year I planted 3 strawberry plants in a square foot garden box. Along with chives and something else. Now look:

They’ve completely taken over the box! You can see the chives holding their own back in the corner. I think it’s going to be the last year for those guys.  I love having these strawberries. My youngest goes out daily and pick the new red ones. The only problem we’re having right now it that it’s rained so much some of them are getting mushy and gross.

Next year I’ll have to spread hay on the plants before they come up.

Don’t mind the grass! We’ve not been able to mow because of all the rain and now our yard squishes when we walk across it.

Since we’re getting a number of strawberries each day and no one seems to be eating them yet – yesterday I made these:Chocolate covered strawberries! I’m quite pleased with myself!  I’ve not eaten all of them yet. I hope to be getting more soon – I would love to give a nice pretty box of chocolate covered strawberries to my sister in law who is due to give birth ANY DAY NOW!  I thought it would be a nice way to bring her strength back up after all of that work 🙂

It will be there first child and my second niece/nephew.

Yes – my counter is powder blue. So was the toilet, and the bathtub is still blue. We need to change these one at a time.  Who ever lived here previously loved powder blue  and gold fixtures.