For wanting to live a more simple and quiet life – We do seem to get obnoxiously busy sometimes.

Renaissance, helping at my friends barn, work, and then soon – Horse Camp (at my friends barn).

And somewhere in there I want to sew and start my esty shop –

So where do I cut back?  My girls love each thing we do – especially working at the barn – which is

a boarding barn for horses and our pony.

It all comes in spurts though – starting in April when the girls have their birthdays – and going until July.

August maybe – not sure when all of the camps end. Renaissance faire though,  is only four Sundays for us this year. A

much easier load than last year.   Thankfully – once August starts we have a clean slate and

maybe can arrange for some family time. Camping maybe – we’ve never been camping.

Throughout it all we still will be doing school. “Required reading” for

my reader – Tons to learn from historical fiction, and so much more interesting to read that text books.  My littlest will

be working on learning how to read. Such a big step!

I’m rambling now. Tired from a  long and wet Sunday at Faire. And we’re off to the horse farm.

I will leave you with a picture of Jaia – my youngest  – learning how to ride her bike during the warm spell in April!  She loves it!