This is the third year the girls and I will be volunteering for the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Festival.

I had actually toyed with the idea of not volunteering at all this year due to such a busy schedule – and work, but as soon as I brought up not attending I was very much vetoed.  Our faire only runs for 4 weekends so it’s not such a big deal. The only problem is that here in Missouri we’ve had what seems like nonstop rain for months!  😉  Not really but you get the idea of what it feels like. Our first year we were caught at the end of the day in a huge storm. Tornadoes spotted about 10 miles away and no one was allowed to leave. Great experience for a 5 and 10 year old right? Last year some rainy days and this year?  We’ll see but more rain is in the forecast. Keep your fingers crossed that it changes!  This is Missouri after all. Weather is never predictable!

We have tons of fun and have met some really great people.  This year I think the theme for Kids Kingdom is “Gypsy’s” so we’ve made skirts and vests for everyone. Well, the three of us, which, of course I will be working on until the very last minute.  Hopefully they’ll be completed by tonight.  It’s just lacing that needs to be finished, but really, the threading through the wasteband is a pain in the tushie.

Hope everyone has a fun, safe and dry weekend.